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Ever wanted to use WHATSAPP on your computer or on your desktop, mobile games to play? YouWave is a program that emulates the Android operating system on your computer.

What is YouWave? (Function () {(‘ overview-App-page-desktop ‘);});
Just like BlueStacks App player or Andy OS, YouWave allows you to try out Android apps and games on your computer in a way that you can see exactly how it would look and play on an Android phone.
YouWave the latest version of the Android KitKat supports, but rather offers Android Ice Cream sandwich in the House version of the youth. It includes the functionality of the SD card (share a folder between your computer and the virtual machine), support for multiplayer online games, dynamic control and volume buttons.

Install apps with YouWave
By default, YouWave will include native Android apps like music, settings, browser, etc.

Install apps can be done via Google Play (which in itself you must install before you start), or through the downloading and installing of APCS. The process for this is not as easy as it could be, and is definitely more trouble than it is in BlueStacks.
The user interface in YouWave feel very out of date and the Panel design is a bit uncomfortable.

Is it worth it?
On the practical level, in spite of some minor stability issues, YouWave works well. This allows external applications to run and simulates reasonable well on the Android phone interface, although some applications work as well as smooth, especially if they are designed for newer versions of the operating system Android.
YouWave gives Android enthusiasts the ability to try applications on their computer in a simulated Android interface environment

Install and configure YouWaveFirst, you should uninstall it as you have VirtualBox installed on your computer you need to uninstall it before the installation process for YouWave work like any other program to install and relatively simple. Just follow the instructions of the installation wizard and you will be ready in time.

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