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In 2001, I played the first Pro Evolution Soccer (PSE) game. It was against my friend Aaron and I won 1-0. So I won 2-1, so I hit 1-0 with a lucky lens, so I won the next 6-1. In fact, he did the result, I gave him a goal on a piece of paper. Since then, every year on Earth has meant a new and improved experience, looking at Aaron’s sad face and aging. So I like PES. I like these are two types of football players, those who want an authentic football experience, and the people who play in FIFA. Pro Evolution Soccer has won the heart of the old from its first version, which managed to feel like you play football that you could watch on TV. They were so sure in this first game that the following versions were more for their lack of “great” development. But we had a faster gameplay, a more subtle ball control and some great Set-Piece changes. Now in 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer has “teamvision”. (Function () {(“Overview-Application-page-desktop”);}); “Teamvision” is great news about the latest edition of Pro Evolution Soccer and includes computer players with a kind of “artificial intelligence” that allows them to personalize and react to the game. So much so that you now have to play the real style Kenny Dalglish as a sort of player-manager with an eye on gaining a match and an eye on making sure that the tactics frustrate his opponent. Defenders and goalkeepers are more vulnerable to danger and attacking players make a bullet escape smarter, which is now a special blue Pro Evolution Soccer Skin number four, if I’m not mistaken-it looks fairly small. In addition, there is a good manager and shots excavated while playing and the shooters celebrate with the subs. You can also get extended editing options if the fake names still annoy the commercial version of Pro Evolution Soccer was released in November 2008. You can defeat all your companions and rest happily for another year.

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